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Wow, really haven't been doing much in WoW since I last posted. Still haven't gotten my War3 maps, and I was basically just grinding for items in WoW. I now have something to update, though. Once I get a chance to convert some of the pictures, I've got some of me and some other Dread Guard members in Tyr's Hand WTFPWNING all the alliance farmers there... as pirates. Yes, that's right, we all downed some deviates and the DG Pirate Brigade fought the good fight against the evil alliance farmers. The legit players who are just trying to get by should thank us for helping control inflation on the alliance side. :)

One reason I'm posting this here and not on my LJ is because now that I have access to Dreamweaver (college FTW!) it'll be much much easier to layout a new website and keep it updated... starting Tuesday, if everything goes as planned.
Well, fixed whatever problem I was having, got 1GB of RAM and a new case, so I'm set. Due to the ease of updating, I'll basically move my "weekly" updates to my lj over at my lj. So, yeah, feel free to stop by and comment. As my college classes are now essentially requiring that I start working on my final project no more than three weeks after starting the class (quarter classes), I'll also be providing regular updates on what I'm doing, how I'm doing things, and etc. on my lj.

I also found out my friend has one of my Warcraft 3 maps--one I liked particularly well (my others were lost sometime around when I got a new harddrive--I don't know if I forgot to back them up or what, but they're lost). As such, I'll try to get it from him as soon as possible and put it up on my webpage.

Also, the new World of Warcraft patch is out. Check out the changes here. Quite frankly, the warrior "changes" are BS, and the honor system is hell on those two classes who have no efficient, sure-fire way of escape and are already not so great in 1v1 PvP (i.e. warlock and warrior). If anyone has some good tips for either warlocks or warriors (other than move to a PvE server, which I really don't want to do, as my warrior is lvl 57), feel free to shoot me a message. So far, I haven't found an efficient way of getting away from anyone with travel form or anyone with distance stuns (for example, the Pally's AoE stun)--which is basically everyone.
Thanks to the wonderful world of virii (or maybe it's only a single virus--or maybe it's not even a virus at all, I'm not sure atm) I'm going to be reformatting my computer. Because I really don't have the storage capacity to back up the many hundreds of megabites (possibly even 1 GB+) of screenshots, I'll be letting most of them go to the software god when my harddrive is reformatted. This makes me sad, as I finally got help on my program and was less than a week from having it completed. :(
Since I'm lazy, and updating the screenshots is such a pain in the ass, I think I'm gonna create a VB program to do everything for me--i.e. take the screenshots, change them to the proper name, insert the correct html and spacing, and etc. All I'll need to do is add in the descriptions which take hardly any time at all.
Weee, let's hear it for finals!
I will update with some screenshots soon... it's just a matter of time (i.e., hopefully within a couple weeks).
Been having some problems in real life. Nothing wrong with me, just other people. I think that's the problem with the world--everyone else.
At any rate, I did manage to finally get to lvl 40 and also get my mount, which is a gray kodo. As soon as I get the energy to do anything other than grinding in WoW or just reading fora, I'll update the screenshots.
Finally had a chance to update my screenshots. Go check 'em out--two pages worth (page 1 and 2, of course!) They be awesome.
Whenever I remember to, I'm gonna grab some pictures of what I'm working on at school. Got a 3d scene of a spaceship and some weird alien landscape I'd like to upload.
I've been out of town up until yesterday. I've got a few sreenshots I want to upload, but I don't know when I'll have the time. Between WoW and having to actually do my online homework, it might be a while. :)
I found out what the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior is. Twincruiser, webmaster of Sons of the Storm emailed me and told me the Srine is for his twin brother, Michel Koiter, who died on March 18, 2004 because of heart failure. Some of you may recognize the site has housing some very great art by "those Blizzard guys", Samwise, Metzen, and Twincruiser. To find out more about the Shrine, Michel Koiter, his life, and what heppened, please go to the memorial page of their website. I ask even those people not interested in the Shrine (in-game) to still go to the memorial and read it.
Got the rest of the screenshots from the raid uploaded. Go check out their awesomness!
Okay, I got more screenshots uploaded, again, at the World of Warcraft section of my webpage! It's the first part of a guild activity we did this past Friday. Enjoy!
Yay! I got the World of Warcraft section up, complete with screenshots and notes on each screenshot! More to come when I convert the rest of the screenshots I have.